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Giada Canderle


Born and bred in a small Italian town in the province of Vicenza, I have started to display an interest in travel, exploring new places and learning about new cultures from an early age.

After graduating the “Liceo Linguistico” (Italian for High School) with a degree in Foreign Languages - English, German and Spanish- I decided to take my interest in Travel & Tourism a step further.

That is how I first ended up in Edinburgh.

Here I set up camp for further adventures and experiences and have graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a 1st Class Degree in Tourism Management and Languages. My dissertation was based on the importance of sustainable tourism for the re-development of post-industrial towns.

With a keen interest in the relationship between Tourism and Heritage Conservation I have decided to then further my studies with a Postgraduate Diploma in Conservation Management at Heriot-Watt University.

Since my undergraduate degree I have been working in the tourism industry, covering a variety of different positions: I have worked as a research assistant for a university project exploring the structure of Area Tourism Partnerships in Scotland; I have managed and marketed the launch of an AirBnB business; I have worked for the Royal Collection Trust at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, where I helped organise their first Conservation Newsletter; and in the past two years I have been working in the FIT department of a DMC division, dealing with VIP and Premium requests for UK & Ireland.

The wealth of experience accumulated through travel, education and profession have given me a competitive knowledge of the tourism industry, from a customer, supplier and community perspective.

This is my opportunity to share this knowledge with you.


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