Portfolio - What we delivered


New Airbnb launch and management


AirBnB property listing creation

Feature description and price setting

Facilities management and guest contact

In the Spring of 2015 a friend’s friend came to me asking for some advice with regards to some additional space she had in her house, which was currently under-utilised. She intended to rent out this additional space over the summer period, whilst the family was going to be away on holiday and was interested in maybe making this arrangement a little more permanent, if things were to work out well.

She had read about AirBnB and thought in might be a good fit for them; she was however, very unsure on how this opportunity would need to be set up and did not have much time at disposal to turn this into reality.

This is where I came in - I inspected the property, took photos, sat down with her to discuss how she would like to rent the space out, did some research with regards to prices and amenities in other AirBnB properties in the area.

Once all of the information had been collected I set out to create a property listing and started to manage the guest contact and the reservations calendar. I was also responsible to meet & greet with guests and acted as they main point of contact throughout their stay. The property was fully booked for a period of about two months over the summer and generated a return profit for the family in excess of £2,500.

After the first successful summer listing and very positive reviews, which bettered the search positioning of the profile, the property was then ready to be handed over for management to the family.

research and documentation


Business analysis and report writing

Market research

Qualitative research

Following the completion of my dissertation project and the achievement of my Tourism Management degree, my first research experience was at Edinburgh Napier University, as a research assistant on a project aimed at analysing the role of Area Tourism Partnerships (ATP) in Scotland.

My role within the wider departmental project, was to lead its qualitative research portion, involving mainly interviews with key figures in the various Scottish ATPs ; this was set up with the aim of comparing and contrasting the different structures and approaches taken by different Scottish regions, after the disband of centrally coordinated Tourism Boards.

The main part of my role was not only to research and set up interviews with appropriate candidates, but to transcribe said interviews and extrapolate relevant data in order to create ATPs organisational charts and identify common traits, as well and strengths and issues.

The final product of this research was used by Scottish Tourism Alliance and ATPs themselves with the purpose of reviewing current structures, increase efficiencies and share best practices.


service level evaluation


Required service level

Client segmentation

Customer satisfaction

A few years working in the tourism service industry, first on a customer-facing role and now on a B2B basis, have provided me with a good insight into what customers are requiring in order to have a memorable experience, be it in accommodation, transportation or tourism attraction.

Having worked in the tourism industry in the last five years has also allowed me to notice the change in trends and patterns, which have occurred as a result of national and international policies and the increased level of accessibility of products online. More discerning travellers also mean a need for tourism providers to not only fulfil expectations, but exceed them and anticipate them in order to achieve happy customers and return business.

In my current position, I am working on identifying these needs on a daily basis and match them with the relevant service level or service type, by creating tailor-made packages and experiences for higher-end and VIP clients. After a year, I have grown pretty confident in identifying the type of client I am dealign with and in suggesting therefore suppliers, who are able to offer a suitable level of service on a case to case basis.